We develop an agent-based simulation framework that delivers comprehensive energy system simulations.

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Grid Data

We develop and maintain our own open source data model to represent a broad range of energy system assets. To work with existing grid data we are working on automated conversions from common industry standards.

System Participants

We follow a bottom-up approach modeling of each system participant (e.g. households, pv-plants, ...) and their physical behavior. This leaves us with a highly modular system that can encompass any asset.

Distributed Computation

As the power system evolves, the number of systems connected to the grid drastically increases and the emergent behavior gets more complex. To efficiently deal with the situation we designed a highly distributed simulation that delivers fast.

Extensive Analysis

Data alone is not sufficient as it is only useful to the extent it delivers actual insights. Therefore we constantly work on automated result analysis and data visualization approaches to transform data to actionable knowledge.

Elaborate Eco-System

SIMONA serves as a scalable and adaptive simulation tool for numerous research questions around the electrical power system and surrounding relevant domains. To achieve this, we focus SIMONA on the core features needed for all use cases – simulation control, power flow calculation and basic system participant simulation. Around SIMONA, we create an eco system with lots of modules you may add on demand to fit your use case best with least parameterization and data efforts.

Capable of handling several technologies for data sources and sinks – SQL and NoSQL databases, files and message brokerage – SIMONA seamlessly integrates into your simulation environment. Several tools and converters help you preparing the input data for your simulation. Morever, co-simulation interfaces make domain-specific knowledge accessible to SIMONA. A mobility simulation, for example, may help to investigate the impact of individual mobility on the power system as detailled as possible.

The Project is Fully Open Source

To make a difference we develop the whole project open source to give access to anyone interested. This holds true for SIMONA and also our own data model, the PowerSystemDataModel (PSDM). We invite you to check out the projects and to contribute.

Research driven

SIMONA is funded, used and actively developed accross different research projects within the ie3 instute of the TU Dortmund. Application cases range from training data generation for neural networks to assessing electric vehicle impact by performing energy system and mobility cosimulation to much more.

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Currently ongoing research projects: